Borderlands 3 Crossplay Update! How to Crossplay Borderlands 3?

Is borderlands 3 crossplay? Yes, Its have. Looks alive, Secret Hunter! There is a lot of exciting content in the Crossplay update. Now (June 24), it’s life as free additional content for Borderlands 3 players! Here’s everything you need to know, including cross-platform game features for borderlands 3 crossplay pc Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Mac, Stadia, , borderlands 3 crossplay ps4 PC and PC, via Steam and Epic Games Store, the return of the cartoon seasonal events, endless seasonal events, The new cap level rise, and the end of the real mini-trial event!

When is Borderlands 3 Crossplay

Starting today (June 24), we’re excited to bring cross-platform games to Borderlands 3 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Mac, Stadia, and PC via Steam and Epic Game Store. Now is the best time for you and your friends to experience the excitement of shooting and stealing together.

When is Borderlands 3 Crossplay
When is Borderlands 3 Crossplay

SHiFT Matchmaking has made it possible to cross-game between the above platforms. When the cross-game update goes live, you will see an opt-in window. You choose to enable or disable cross-play, you will be prompted to set the cross-play display name, which is required for the SHiFT matching feature. Your Crossplay display name must meet the following requirements:

It should be a unique name not yet used by other Borderlands 3 players
Length must be between 3-16 characters
Must start with a letter and be limited to a-z, A-Z, 0-9 or discontinuous underscores, hyphens, or period/period
You can change your display name on the personal account page of the SHiFT website, or change your display name in Borderlands 3 via the social menu option in the main menu or the pause menu. Just click Social, switch to the SHiFT tab, and change your display name to Crossplay in the account details section.

THE Rvengence of Revenge of the Cartels

The fan’s favorite seasonal event is back! The fight with Joey UV and his gang entered the second round, tearing up their beautiful UV villa mansion in the process. Starting today, your lizard partner Maurice in Sanctuary III will take you to take another dose of revenge against the beast that exploded in its arm (again)!

If you played cartel revenge in 2020, cartel revenge is the same. Maurice will ask you to destroy the enemies of Cartel Operative. They can be found in the area of ​​the main game and campaign add-ons; they are easy to see because they wear bright neon lights, like the unfinished 80s. Killing a special agent activates a dead man’s switch, which can be rotated into cartel mobs taking revenge for their ruined partner. Once you send out enough cartel thugs and collect hideouts from their bodies, Morris can open a portal to the main event: a fierce duel with Eridium Cartel mastermind Joey Ultraviolet at UV Villa.

THE Rvengence of Revenge of the Cartels
THE Rvengence of Revenge of the Cartels

Revenge of the Cartels has a new set of cosmetic-themed items, unlocked through the same challenges and thresholds as last year. The following is a breakdown of the unlock:

  • 3 Challenge: “Universe Ring” ECHO Equipment Appearance
  • 6 Challenge: “Pandora Sunset” weapon
  • Top 10 Challenges: “Framed Skin Rejuvenation” Room Decoration
  • 14 challenges: “Digital Horizon” weapon skin
  • 18 challenges: ‘Grid Runner’ Vault Hunter skin
  • Generally, this is what we say that you can open or close the event portion at any time between its start date and its end date. But as part of the Crossplay update, the seasonal “end date” event is no longer the same thing!

Ordinarily, this would be the part where we say you can turn the event on or off at any time between its start and end dates. But as part of the Crossplay Update, seasonal event ‘end dates’ are no longer a thing!

Endless Seasonal Events

With today’s update, you can play any of the themed seasonal events of Borderlands 3 anytime, anywhere — Bloody Harvest, Broken Heart Day, and Cartel’s Revenge! A new option in the main menu allows you to choose which of the three events you want to turn on or off. Please note that this option is only available for three seasonal events and not for limited-time mini-events.

These annual events have their own unique rewards themed decorations and some unique 1st recurrence drops and year 2 recurrences-all of which can now be obtained at your own pace. If you have participated in these activities before, your progress on the related challenges will not be reset. Instead, you can get (or recover) any seasonal events that drop from their iconic boss battle. Captain Ghost will now drop all items unique to Blood Harvest, and Joey Ultraviolet will drop all items unique to Cartel’s Revenge. As for “heartbreak day”, you can collect seasonal goodies by blowing Loot Hearts.

In online multiplayer games, the host player settings will determine if any seasonal events are active. And only one seasonal event can be activated at a time, so you won’t experience too much information from Maurice during his ongoing research into human norms.

Level Cap Increase


Get ready to further increase your strength, as the level cap increases by 7 levels, with the maximum level being 72. There are a total of 70 skill points available, and many ways to create lots of excitement and action. -acts of character building. It will destroy your enemies in an unprecedented way.

True Trials Finale

So far, all of you have dared to fight in the True Trials mini-event, it’s time for a very difficult ending! From 9:00 a.m. Pacific time on June 24 to 8:59 a.m. Pacific time on July 1, the effects of all six real mini-trial events will be activated. This means that the health and damage of all bossing trials is increased. They will drop their two legendary items from that week, and the treasure chest at the end of each trial will be filled with legendary items.

Elite Vault Hunters eager to be at the forefront of their killing potential must use the real end test to purchase the equipment at the new highest level of 72 (provided you can defeat the stronger boss). On the other hand, new players must avoid all proving ground trials before the end of the event, otherwise, they will face the risk of being completely killed because this difficult event cannot be closed!

As the Borderlands 3 community continues to grow, we hope you enjoy all that the Crossplay update has to offer. Get ready for some cross-play excitement with your friends!

Frequantly Asked Question about Borderlands 3

when is borderlands 3 crossplay?

As discussed above, starting June 24 now is the best time for you and your friends to experience the excitement of shooting and theft.

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