BORDERLANDS 3 EVENTS Gearbox Software has added the ability to enable and disable any seasonal BORDERLANDS 3 EVENT. This means you can activate Blood Harvest, Broken Heart Day, or Cartel’s Revenge at any time. You can move them to the main menu, and only 1 event can be activated at a time.


Since you have the right to choose any of these events, some changes have been made to them to improve your experience.

  • Added seasonal equipment to the event, which is usually rewarded with challenges during the season, dropped from their respective bosses
  • Added wedding invitations and Polyaimourous to the Loot Hearts drop pool
  • The rate of decline of Captain Ghost’s legendary equipment increased from time to time
  • Add bloody harvest cream to the rewinder during the event
  • If the event is not activated in the main menu, the player will not see the smeared scrolls.
  • Updated Heartbreaker’s agent skin so that it also appears with its barrier technology
  • Update Morris ’audio on Heartbreak Day, prioritizing audio about rewards rather than general compliments for heartbreak
  • Resolved a reported issue that if a player completed last year’s challenge, the challenge during the event was marked as “completed”


Borderlands 3 Event Schedule

Borderlands 3 Anniversary Event

  • Week 1 (16:00 GMT August 12 to 15:59 GMT August 19) – Pandora
  • Week 2 (16:00 GMT August 19 to15:59 GMT August 26) – Promethea
  • Week 3 (16:00 GMT August 26 to 15:59 GMT September 2) – Eden-6
  • Week 4 (16:00 GMT September 2 to 15:59 GMT September 9) – Nekrotafeyo

Borderlands 3 October Event

Now, Bloody Harvest is back in the Borderlands 3 Halloween Event, followed by weapons balance changes and adjustments to Agent Zane! These changes will take effect on all platforms before 00:00 PM Pacific time. To apply the patch, wait in the main menu until you see the “Patch applied!” Sign. If you encounter any problems or want to provide feedback, please submit a ticket to

With the return of the bloody harvest, ghosts and horrors will come. This is a scary status effect that will make Vault Hunter a bit shaken! Haunted enemies will cause terrifying fears, which will affect your intent and slightly obscure your vision — but when paired with the anointing that is only available during the event, you can give you a boost in strength! Since last year, the layout of the Borderlands 3 Event has changed, and with it, horror cream has now also undergone some changes in balance.

Players who don’t want to see haunted enemies can kill the bloody harvest event on the main menu.

  • Enable Bloody Harvest, which will be activated from October 8 to November 5 by 9 Pacific Time
  • Oletta will always lead players to the Traitor Weed test area in the Bounty of Blood DLC
  • Using the Galaxy Brain Mayhem modifier will no longer prevent players from talking to Krieg or entering the loot room in Psycho Krieg and Fantastic Fustercluck DLC


These changes will impact existing and newly dropped guns with Terror anointments on them during Bloody Harvest.


  • Increased number of bullets shot per Terror level
  • Increased weapon damage


  • Increased weapon damage

Ghast Call

  • Increased weapon damage

Terror Anointments

“While Terrified, gain increased damage and fire rate. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.”

  • Increased damage bonus

“While Terrified, deal 50% bonus cryo damage.”

  • Increased damage bonus to 75%

“While Terrified, enemy bullets have a chance to reflect off you. The more Terror you have, the higher the bonus.”

  • Increased damage bonus

 “On Action Skill End, apply Terror to yourself every 5 seconds for the next 18 seconds.”

  • Adjusted the text to match what was happening in-game

Siren Anointment “After Phasegrasping an enemy, Amara fires Terror skulls at the grasped target dealing 3718 damage.” (lvl 50)

  • Increased damage bonus

Beastmaster Anointment “After Using Attack Command, consume all Terror and FL4K’s pet gains 50% bonus fire damage for a short time.”

  • Increased damage bonus

Gunner Anointment “After Reloading, consume all Terror and create a nova that deals cryo damage.”

  • Increased damage bonus


Dahl Burst Weapons

  • Increased the burst fire rate of AR, SMG, and Pistol weapons. Does not affect legendary weapons


  • Increased damage scaling and magazine size

Conference Call

  • Initial target will now be hit with the weapon’s extra projectiles


  • Slightly increased weapon damage

Psycho Stabber

  • Increased melee damage

Masterwork Crossbow

  • Increased weapon damage


Today we’ve released a lot of changes to Zane’s passive skills and career modules. After enhancing the weapon, we began to study how the racing module affects the Vault Hunter build variation. After investigating community feedback, we developed these changes so that Zane could use more career mods in the final game. Most of the passive skill buffs that have evolved today are used by poorly crafted racing modules. Other changes to Zane are already planned, some of which will appear in patches and patches in the future.

How to start Borderlands 3 Halloween Event

First, you must complete the mission of Descent into Heck by finding and killing 25 ghosts. After that, you have to defeat Captain Haunt. He is the skull version of Captain Trout’s ghost, and you need to train him to face one of the challenges.

How to start Halloween event Borderlands 3

A cosplay-inspired series like Borderlands can’t skip Halloween. Sure enough, the bloody harvest event of Borderlands 3 is back this year, providing vault hunters with the chance to pursue some weird rewards. The Bloody Harvest begins today, October 8, and will continue until November 5.

When is Borderlands 3 Halloween event

This limited-time free event will run on Borderlands 3 through November 5. In pursuit of new rewards, take revenge on the fearsome Captain Haunt and his creepy henchmen. To take part in this optional event, find Maurice at Sanctuary III.

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