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If you’re looking for a nice new pistol item to choose from, our Borderlands 3 Hellshock Legendary guide should come in handy.

While we’re still waiting for the latest Borderlands 3 DLC to be released on March 26th, we’re doing our best to keep it busy. So if there was no theft and no shooting, what would a robbery be? If you’re someone who wants to take up arms and have fun, we definitely recommend getting into farming for the legendary. One of the best pistols in this particular pistol, so check out our Borderlands 3 Hellshock Legendary guide to find out how to get it.

What is Borderlands 3 Hellshock

Hellshock is the legendary pistol in Maliwan’s Borderlands 3. It can be obtained randomly from any suitable spawn source but has a higher chance of descending from Vermilingua to the Pandora Shard.

Borderlands 3 Wiki Hellshock

Hellshock Borderlands 3 Guaranteed that the dual combination of burn and impact will result in Hell Impact effectively dealing with a wide variety of enemies. By shooting at the target’s foot, the bounce property can be used to move items without stopping the shot. Their damage is higher than similar Mali Bay pistols, and the two bullets fired at the expense of one make it one of the highest DPS weapons available.

To minimize the delay in firing caused by charging the weapon, players can continue to pull the trigger to hold the weapon near the shot until the sprint ability is lost (unless the Rushin offensive ability is used while Moze is played).

Dangerous Hellshock Borderlands 3 Legendary Guide 

If you want to know why anyone would want to take Hell Blast, we really think it’s one of the better elemental weapons out there. Yes, it always has the option of being molded as an element, especially the two types combined. If you think you have a shortage of weapons that affect guns or burn, then this legend is likely to meet your needs. The legendary Hellshock pistol is made by the Gulf of Mali and has the following special effects weapon. This is called “I don’t expect death to be so far away,” which means that Hellshock is always made in the form of incendiary and shock and the projectile returns once, exchanging the elements after the first effect. This allows you to do double damage to enemies weak in these elements with almost unsettling efficiency.

Expert Hellshock Borderlands 3

Hellshock is very easy, especially when it comes to enemy shields. If you want to know the special effects weapon reference, it’s from Dante’s hell, we just think it’s cooler. However, if you want to try it yourself, you may find yourself a little frustrated as you can farm catch this legendary character. Unfortunately, it can be obtained from any reproductive source, which means everything from the bathroom to the kicking of local monsters’ teeth. We’re really familiar with farming bossing though, so we recommend Graveward for that (we provide a guide here). Well, happy hunting!

Now that you’ve got the guide on how to get Borderlands 3 Hellshock Legendary, it should be a lot easier to actually get that particular destructive elemental weapon. We can always do things that add a little excitement and shock to our lives. So if you havent found anything on Hammerlock’s wedding registry on an important day, why not choose this one? If there’s anything related to Vault hunting in Borderlands 3, why not check out some other tips and tricks we’ve put together in the game-specific center for your reference.

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