How to do Borderlands 3 Pumpkin Puzzle

How do you Borderlands 3 Pumpkin Puzzle in ” Borderlands 3 Blood Harvest“? The Halloween event is now live and brings many creepy challenges and puzzles to overcome, and provides players with weapons or decorations as a reward. Finding the giver in the quest to activate the damn Borderlands 3 DLC character is even more thought-provoking: here’s how to find Morris ’position in Borderlands 3 to do so.

Pumpkin Puzzle Borderlands 3 Easy as Pumpkin Pie puzzle is another that requires you to match the color of the pumpkin lantern to its corresponding skull. So you can shoot bad things again with your hundreds of guns — that’s why you came here from the Gearbox flagship, right? —— I’ll help you solve the skull of Borderlands 3.

what is pumpkin puzzle in borderlands 3

All you have to do to complete the puzzle is remember to arrange the color of the pumpkins from left to right, and then pull the skulls neatly. So, if your pumpkin is blue, blue, green, and pink from left to right, just contact the blue skull twice, then green and pink.

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Pumpkin Puzzle

The bloody Halloween Harvest event is in Borderlands 3 now, and there are many creepy challenges to complete.
After completing the Descent to Heck questline, you can freely visit Heck and complete the challenge.

In this guide, we’ll look at challenges as simple as pumpkin pie, where you have to solve pumpkin puzzles. You are looking for a room full of colorful skulls and pumpkin lanterns, you will find them in the Heck temple area. There are several stairs leading to the backroom, where you will find colorful objects.

Where to find the Borderlands 3 pumpkin puzzle

The Easy as Pumpkin Pie puzzle is located in a temple in the new Heck area, so to visit it, you must search for ghosts in space in borderlands 3 heck pumpkin puzzle before completing the Descent into Heck mission.

When this is done, Morris will create a portal to the new Heck area. Once there, pay attention to the temple area. At the back of the room, there are two rows of uphill stairs: four pumpkin lanterns decorated the four columns at the top of the stairs. You will find a room nearby with four severely colored skulls hanging on chains.

How to solve the Pumpkin Puzzle Borderlands 3

Go to the jack-o’-lantern on the far left (when you’re facing the stairs) and check the glowing color of its eyes and mouth. After worrying, go back to the room with the colored skulls and pull out the corresponding colored skulls. Go back up the stairs with the pumpkin lantern and repeat the rest from left to right-again, when facing the stairs in the correct order.

Every time you release one of the skulls hanging in the room, the color of each jack-o-lantern changes, so remember that all four won’t work: you have to make them one at a time. After pulling the chain on the fourth skull, the wall in the backroom will collapse and you will receive the reward.

Pumpkin Ppuzzle Borderlands 3 What if the Pumpkins Show two of the same color

Each skull glows a different color: red, yellow, green, and blue. In the room before it, there are four jack-o-lanterns set at approximately eye level, depending on your character.

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