All Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Locations Hunt

It’s hard to find Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Locations, but it’s worth the theft they bring down. This is a quick guide to find everything.

The rare spawn locations borderlands 3 enemy is one of the most bore enemies in Borderlands 3. This is because they often drop legendary items, and most of them have specific legendary items that players are looking for. Rare bore enemies can be found in different parts of the main battle and in each Borderlands 3 DLC character.

Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt Locations

Some players may not see these enemies because they don’t always pour them out. Some of them also have respawned locations that players may not have thought of. It’s time to start searching for them and cultivate some beautiful legendary equipment. Here below Listed, you can see locations of the rare spawn enemies in borderlands 3

El Dragon Jr.

Players looking for the Dragon artifact release will want to hunt the little El Dragon in the Garden of Eden 6. Players can use the quick travel point to Jakob’s Estate. This will place them close to where the rare egg enemies will enter.

After spawning, players will notice the Eridium text. There is a small area where El Dragon Jr. spawns. He came from inside the waterfall in the area and was hard to miss.


Lachman is sometimes as elusive as Batman, but it’s also easy to figure out if he’s in the area. Players who want to breed this rare species should go to Carnivora (outside, not inside).

In the lower-left corner of the map, the player will find a small alcove with a computer. If Lachman was in the area, he would pour into the cave. Players can also find the Rack signal in the sky. If Rack’s signal was in the air, Rackman would definitely appear.

Mother Of Grogans

For the Grogans ’mother, players will want to go back to Eden-6 and go to Anvil’s spawn point. When passing through this area, the player will notice an area on the side leading to a large sewer.

Walking along the tube in the back, the player finds himself in the place where the mother of the Grogans was born. If he does not appear, the player can exit and reload at any time. They lay eggs next to her egg.

Road Dog

Road Dog gives players the chance to get the legendary red line shotgun. This intricate maniac can be found in the Fragmented Lands of Pandora. On the map, the player will notice a large cliff in the middle, which bridges a large space on the map.

There is a fairly large bandit camp in this area, where the Road Dog has a chance to lay eggs. Players can also play games set in the back of the camp.


IndoTyrant is one of the hardest enemies to miss because it is a huge Tyrannosaurus rex. Players who want to expand this rare creature will find it in the Floodmoore Basin of Eden-6.

Get a car and head into the water. IndoTyrant will spring up on the far right side of the map. Players who hunt this animal will receive a randomly customized item to solve their problems. Not the most remarkable reward, but it’s still a reward.

Force Troopers

The Force Troopers are a group of villains similar to the Power Rangers. Players can find a group of Prometheus enemies at the Atlas headquarters.

From spawning to the top layer. Players have to travel to the area south of their birthplace on the map. Here Force Soldiers can lay eggs. Players will also get a random legendary racing module to beat them.


This drama about Demogorgon from Stranger Things can be found in Pandora’s Drought. Both egg locations are close to where Demoskaggon appears.

If the player blows to the highway travel point, they can go southwest where the canyon is narrow and there is a large metal wall. Continue right from there, and the player will find a circular area with a small entrance. In the center of the area will be a rock. From another spawning area, the player can drive northwest and reach the same area. Turn left in front of the metal wall.

The Unstoppable

Go back to Eden-6 to fight the Unstoppable. Players must go to Ambermire and egg at the Rogue Hollow spawn location. One of the easiest ways to reach this rare egg point is to jump from the Rogue Hollow window to the area below.

Then the player can run directly to the camp of bandits nearby, and they can also be seen from the window. Players who defeat The Unstoppable have a chance to get the Sytorak Band of the Sytorak Legendary Shield.

Thunk & Sloth

The bad guys can be found in Konrad’s Hold’s Pandora. As part of the main battle, players eventually go through the spawning area.

To find them, proceed north from the spawning area. Players will enter a large building with many vacant garage doors that are easy to see. Thunk and Sloth will appear on the left side of the building. After the failure, the duo will also drop the Ito Piss legendary grenade module.


Go back to Eden-6 and challenge Maxitrillion to the Voracious Canopy. Starting at the spawn point, the player will want to drive south until the area becomes a pile of corridors.

Search the hallway, expect to find this rare egg. Maxitrillion can be formed in any aisle in the area. If the player succeeds, it will drop the Horizon Legendary Shotgun.

Borman Nates

Borman Nates is located in Promethea in the Meridian Outskirts area. From the location of the egg, the player can go to the location where the map opens, and then walk to the left.

Borman Nates appears in the upper area, where players can complete the Maliwannabees mission. Mr. Nates can drop the legendary Psycho Stabber pistol, which is a valuable reward for those who defeat him.

Princess Tarantella II

Princess Tarantella II is located in Pandora’s Split. This cute creature is located near the seal’s spawning area. The player must draw there and then head northeast to a large clearing.

Princess Tarantella may lay eggs there. He has a chance to drop the Hive Legendary Rocket Launcher, and players will definitely want to pick it up.

Red Jabber

Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunty Locations Another enemy with a chance to lay eggs in Eden-6’s Amber Swamp is the Red Jabber. He is an easy enemy to find, and players can quickly find him by spawning in Rogue Valley.

From this point of respawning, the player can drive northeast and follow the map until it bends. Near the starting point of the curved area, the player will find and fight this rare egg. They will also get a random legendary grenade model to solve their problems.

Urist McEnforcer

The last rare born enemy in the main game is found in Promethea in Lectra City. When players blow up, they can head southwest to the city center.

They will find and fight the last rare spawning Urist McEnforcer here. After the player wins, the enemy has a chance to drop the legendary Masterwork Crossbow sniper rifle.

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