Borderlands 3 Save Editor: New Items, Modify Character (2021)

The Borderlands 3 save editor is used to retrieve new items or exchange your saved files with existing Borderlands 3 data. The BL3 Save Editor is a tool for placing new items, weapons, money, and unlimited ammunition in BL3 video games.

What is Borderlands 3 Save Editor?

The save editor of Borderlands 3 is helpful for players who want to regain their lost heroes without having to repeat the entire game. In addition, the software will also help you get rid of game errors that can cause the BL3 mission to lock in place (it cannot be processed without a story in the game).

After the launch of the Borderlands video game, players use the save editor to change game characters or change items. In addition, many online servers on the network allow players to use a save editor. Players like you and me can easily display their own modified character blend without being banned by the game.

The question now? What can you do with the Borderlands 3 save editor? So, the answer is that all editor saves are different, but these are some common functions that editor saves can perform.

  • Modify your data at the guardian level
  • Unlock the full Borderlands character makeup
  • Add a lot of money
  • Change the SDU level
  • Customize the profession, level and name of the character
  • Edit the project
  • Build a new project from scratch
  • Modify any part of the project
  • Import items from the Borderlands 3 item code list
  • Filter out legal items found in the game

In addition, all the functions of this editor allow you to easily establish Borderlands 3 characters. With the save editor, you can also add other items to your characters, such as skins, heads, new weapons, new items, and more.

How Does Borderlands 3 Save Editor Works?

The builders of the Borderlands 3 save editor did not publish a guide on how the save editor works? Such as code, programming, design framework, etc. But here is some information we can share with you about the work of Borderlands 3 save editor.

The BL3 save editor accesses files stored in a specific folder created by your Borderlands 3. Basically, once the editor accesses the saved file from your computer, it will display all the features containing the save editor.

Currently, there is no save editor available for game consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation. The developer who saved the editor did not develop a saved version of the editor for the host until Borderlands 3. Currently, only the PC version of the save editor is available.

This means if you lose your Borderlands 3 character during the mission or lock the character during the mission. Then in this case, on the console, you need to replay the game to get your character.

Where To Locate Borderlands 3 Save Editor PC?

Therefore, Borderlands 3 save editor pc is available in the PC version of the save editor, so you need to know where to find the BL3 save files on your computer storage in order to use the BL3 save editor to replace or modify them.


For Windows PC users you can easily navigate the BL3 Save Files on your PC through the below given address.

“C:Users<Username>DocumentsMy GamesBorderlands 3SavedSaveGames<UUID>”


The Mac user can locate the saved files on the following location on their Mac storage.

 “~/Library/Application Support/GearboxSoftware/OakGame/Saved/”

Once you’ve found the saved files on your PC then make sure to identify them.

How Many Save File Types In Borderlands 3?

Technically speaking, Borderlands 3 has different types of file saving — the first is the file save the configuration, and the second is the paper save file. The main difference between the two save files is. On the other hand, the save profile file carries all the data shared across all BL3 functions. The character save file contains all the data saved in a character.

Therefore, if you want to make changes to the two types of file saving, rather than the process of identifying which type, please do not worry about the guide here to help you understand the process. You need to pay attention to the file name. The file to save the profile is usually “Profile. sav”, on the other hand, the file to save the character is a string of numbers with the extension sav, which may be similar to “number. sav”.

What Changes Can You Make Using Borderlands 3 Save Editor?

Borderlands 3 has two different saving files, Profile, and Character, stored on your PC. You can easily access these two files using the BL3 save editor. Below is complete information about what changes can be made using the save editor using the two save files.

File saving file configuration:

These are the following changes you can perform using the config file save file via the save editor.

  • Make bank changes
  • Change Guardian Bank
  • Unlock all custom cosmetics
  • Change the bank slot and lost SDU theft in the configuration file.

Character save file:

These are the changes you can make using the Borderlands 3 save editor to save files using paper.

  • Increase or decrease the character level
  • Change weapon SDU.
  • Change character customization.
  • Shift
  • Change paper inventory.

These are the changes you can easily make in Borderlands 3 using the save editor. In addition, many types of editor saves are provided on the Internet. It has many features, including the changes we mentioned above.

How Many Borderlands 3 Save Editor Available on the Web?

According to the players, there are only two save editors that work perfectly in Borderlands 3. The following are the names of the two archive editors. Borderlands 3 Save Editor (BL3 Save Editor) and Borderlands 3 Savegame Editor.

The BL3 save editor is mainly used to modify unlimited items you want in the game. However, this save editor has not been updated in a long time. So it’s best to use the second save editor.

Borderlands 3 Gibbed Save Editor

In addition, there is another save editor called save editor borderlands 3on the Internet. However, it only allows you to modify the saved BL3 configuration file. In addition, Borderlands 3 gibbed save editor is popular save editor. As you know, Borderlands 2 Gibbed Save Editor is one of the best modifiers.

Currently, Borderlands 3 Gibbed Save Editor is under development. According to sources, Rick Gibbed is developing a save editor for BL3, which will be released in a few months.

How to Editor save File Borderlands 3?

Here are the guidelines of borderlands 3 how to editor save file you should follow when using Borderlands 3 to save editor, which is easy to use and easy to operate with just a few clicks. Follow the step-by-step instructions given below to change your BL3 role and configuration via the save editor.

  • Open a web browser on your PC (make sure you are connected to the Internet when performing these steps). Now go to the web browser and enter the following URL
  • Now, when you open the website, you will see that it looks blank in just a few words.
  • On the website, in the middle of the page. You will be able to see the Box (with the option to save the file).
  • Here, you can upload profile files or save paper. Select the save file to modify.
  • Wait a few minutes after uploading and saving the file, until the website has loaded the complete file and procedure.
  • After uploading the Borderlands 3 save file to the website, the following will happen.

How to Make Your Character Level 80 op 10 Borderlands 3 Gibbee Save Editor?

  • In the Character file, the website displays that these three different tabs (General, Character, Inventor) will appear within minutes.
  • In the save editor, the General tab specifically displays your saving information, including save space and save guide number.
    In addition, the “Character” tab displays all of your character’s behaviors and traits, and you can easily change these traits and characteristics into new ones.
    The inventory tab shows all the items in your inventory and the items in your backpack.
    File saving file configuration:
  • In the Profile .sav file, web pages load and modify options, such as Bank and Profile. You can use them to make changes to your profile.

In the profile tab, you can check all the guardian statistics (executor, survivor, and hunter) that can be adjusted. You can also increase the guardian level with the token.
In the bank tab. Through this tab, you can easily add and delete items.

Borderlands 3 How to Add Items to Your Inventory Save Editor

In the Borderlands 3 save editor, you can find a box that says “Add Item +”. If you tick the box, a new drop-down menu will provide what you can add.

However, it is difficult to use the following buttons, such as balance, inventory data, manufacturer, level, parts. But what if there was a more direct way to add items to your backpack/bank? Just use BL3 (serial) to generate a project from a string of codes.

Where Do I Find The Items Using BL3 Bar?

Getting it alone can be a daunting task, as each project has its own complex code, and you have to draw your own conclusions. Don’t worry, here is the solution to your problem

This is a link to a spreadsheet of code strings for each item. It has everything you need to easily restore the BL3 character.

Access the Modified Save File That Exported from BL3 Save Editor

After making changes to your role or profile. You have followed a few additional steps to make changes to the game.

After finishing the role editing or adjustment. You will see a big blue “Download edited file” button and click on it.
Note: Make sure the project you are editing will be exported to the correct version of Borderlands 3 on your PC before clicking the button.

  • Review everything, click the blue button, and download the file to your PC.
  • The character file is saved under the name “{number} _edited.sav”
  • The profile is saved under the name “profile_edited.sav”
  • Then download the file from the save editor. You must remove the “_edited” mark from the file name and copy the renamed file to the BL3 save folder.
  • Now, start Borderlands 3 and make the necessary changes to the game settings

BL3 Save Editor is Safe or Not?

Borderlands 3 Save Editor was developed by the gaming community, so it’s illegal. However, using the save editor on the official Borderlands server may cause problems or your BL3 account may be banned. Therefore, it is best to use this program on your own private server or single-player event.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Borderlands Save Editor with a complete explanation.

Is there a Gibbed Save Editor Borderlands 3?

According to sources, Gibbed’s Save Editor is under development. Basically, and you can use BL3 Editor and Borderlands 3 to modify your saved file. You can also use the Borderlands 3 Profile Editor to modify the profile save the file.

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