Borderlands 3 Voice Actors | Borderlands 3 Behind the Voice Actors

Borderlands 3 Voice Actors are made up of industry veterans and newcomers. This is the voice of “Borderland 3”. Borderlands 3 saw the series return after many years.

You will start with Pandora, but will soon begin to explore other planets and locations. Four new vault hunters tell their stories here, though there are also many returning faces. Since the last game, the voice actor has undergone some changes, but please make sure there is still a selected voice actor. To help you add faces to the voices you hear in Borderlands 3, we’ve included “A Guide to Borderlands 3 Voice Actors.”

Voice Actors Borderlands 3

The list of voice actors in Borderlands 3 has undergone some changes. No doubt you will meet some new voices, especially considering the rich nature of the full voice actor. We detail all the main characters and their voice actors in Borderlands 3 below:

  1. Tiny Tina – Ashley Birch
  2. Ice-T – Balex
  3. Amara – Zehra Fazal
  4. Lilith/Tannis – Colleen Clickenbeard
  5. Mad Moxxi – Brina Palencia
  6. Rhys – Ray Chase
  7. Tyreen Calypso – Elisa Melendez
  8. Troy Calypso – Max Mittelman
  9. Ellie – Jamie Marchi
  10. Mordecai – Jason Liebrecht
  11. Claptrap – Jim Foronda
  12. FL4K – SungWon Cho
  13. Moze – Marissa Lenti
  14. Zane Fkynt – Cian Barry

Borderlands 3 Behind the Voice Actors

Tiny Tina – Ashley Birch
Borderlands 3 Voice Actors
one little Tina will be rehearsed by Ashley Burch. Ashley is best known for playing Chloe Price in the series “Life is Strange” and Aloi in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Ice-T – Balex
Yes, Ice-T is in Borderlands 3. He will play Balex, an artificial intellectual trapped in a teddy bear.

Amara-Zehra Fazal
Amara is one of four new Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3. She is the new mermaid of the team, able to use phase projection and elemental effects to defeat her opponents.

FL4K-Zhao Chengyuan
Another Vault Hunter in Borderlands 3 is FL4K. FL4K uses their pets to cause damage to opponents, whether it’s controlling spiders, skunks, or monkey-like creatures. Called SungWon Cho FL4K, you may know them from Judgment (2019) and Red vs Blue.

Moser-Marisa Lenti
Moser is another descriptive character in Borderlands 3. They have a large companion mecha and tend to explode. Moze is played by Marissa Lenti, who plays Nita in Brawl Stars, Cocotte in Dragon Ball Super, and Sheriff Marshal in Wasteland 2.

Zane Foggant-Cian Barry
The last hidden hunter in this group is Zane, this super-agent who is fond of gadgets. Zane is voiced by Cian Barry, who played Black Panther in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 and starred in a series of TV roles in shows such as Dr. Foster and Casualty.

Lilith / Tennes-Colleen Clinkenbeard
Colleen Clinkenbeard returns as Lilith in Borderlands 3. She will help you at the beginning of the game. Interestingly, Colleen also plays tennis. Clinkenbeard has played many roles in popular anime series such as “Fairy Tail” and “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”.

Mad Moxxi-Brina Palencia
Mad Moxxi is played by Brina Palencia in Borderlands 3. Palencia is primarily in the anime work, starring popular series such as Dragon Ball Z Kai and Tokyo Ghoul.

Reese-Ray Chase
This is the first major transfer for the voice actors of Borderlands 3. Rhys was previously played by Troy Baker, but will now be played by Ray Chase. Chase recently played Bucky Barnes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, the lead man in Anthem, and Noctis in Final Fantasy 15.

Tyreen Calypso-Elisa Melendez
Newcomer Elisa Melendez has been dubbed half of the Calypso Twins in Borderlands 3. Tyreen will be the main villain in the game, along with her own gang of loyal fans and followers.

Troy Calypso-Max Mittelman
The other half of the Calypso Twins, Troy, is played by Max Mittelman. He played Harry Osborne in the latest Disney Spider-Man TV show and Saitama in One Punch Man. Recently, he also nicknamed Long Er in Persona 5.

Allie-Jamie March
Jamie Marchi will play Ellie in Borderlands 3, and she is responsible for giving you your first car. Jamie has portrayed many well-known characters, such as Lady Mountain in “My Hero Academia” and Anka Reinberg in “Attack on Titan”.

Mordecai-Jason Libraryecht
Mordecai is played by Jason Leibrecht in Borderlands 3. He reveals Dabi to attack Titan, Larcade, and My Hero Academia. In terms of games, he played Pascal in Defector and Little Ben in Where Water Tastes Like Wine.

Cheering — Jim Fronda
When comparing Borderlands 3 and Borderlands 2, the most obvious change you’ll notice is that Claptrap is pronounced by different people. This is due to a hyped spat between the original voice actor and Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford (Randy Pitchford).

Pain and Terror Borderlands 3 Voice Actors

Borderlands 3 Pain and Terror Voice Actors is a reference to the real-life mage duo Penn and Teller and is based on their appearance. The pain was pronounced by Penn Gillette himself, and even the nail on the ring finger of his left hand was painted red. This is a feature Penn shares in real life.

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