Borderlands 3 Zane build | What is the best Build for Zane Borderlands 3

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Zane the Operative is the most flexible and versatile of the four characters of Borderlands 3, thanks to his unique ability to provide two action skills at once. But when you’re trying to decide how best to train him, all of these options can also make things harder. In this Borderlands 3 Zane builds guide, we’ve listed the top 3 build levels you can use to get the most out of this smart crack of Operation: one for Barrier & Digi-Clone, one for Barrier & SNTNL, and one for Used with Digi -Clone, and SNTNL.

Borderlands 3 Zane build guide | How to Build Zane Borderlands 3?

When it comes to creating Zane’s buildings, the only aspect that can remain permanent is his unique brand of charm in Ireland. Everything else is completely up in the air, because — more important than any other character — you can customize him by mixing and matching the following skill trees:

  • The assassin revolves around using multiple killing skills to make borderlands 3 zane leveling build stronger and increase his damage every time he or his SNTNL drone takes a life. If you want to build high damage Zane, you need to invest at least part of the killer skill tree.
  • Double Agent gives you many ways to improve the practicality of Zane’s digital clone action skills, and increase the benefits of equipping the two action skills. In particular, synchronization is an essential skill for almost all of Zane’s development.
  • If you want a fantastic tank and survive Zane to play, UnderCover is your choice. As you progress through this tree, your barrier action skills (on defense and offense) will become stronger.

Due to the nature of Zane, each of the following focuses on a pair of action skills (Digi-Clone / SNTNL, Barrier / Digi-Clone, and Barrier / SNTNL), and each provides a different ‘ There are no other ways to upgrade and play as an agent. In addition to providing detailed walkthroughs for each build, I’ve also included a skill tree and a cheat sheet of acquired skills, as well as indicating which skills are particularly suitable for the enhanced stars. of Class Mod.

If you need to know about the different characters and professions of Borderlands 3, please check out our latest Borderlands 3 Character and Skill Guide. If not, let’s skip the Zane build directly! Click on any of the links below to enter the build of your choice.

Digi-Clone, SNTNL, High Damage (Borderlands 3 Zane build)

  • Borderlands 3 Zane build planner link: Digi-Clone & SNTNL
  • Primary Skill Tree: Doubled Agent
  • Build Focus: Sustained High Gun Damage
  • Best Skills for Class Mods: Synchronicity (Highly Recommended), Donnybrook, Trick of the Light, Violent Speed, Violent Momentum

For those who want to put the best zane build borderlands 3 on the path of very high damage, you might want a build like this that invests a lot of money in the double agent skill tree and the skill tree. Using Digi-Clone and SNTNL as our choice of action skills, we missed the stickiness provided by the Barrier and UnderCover skill trees, but in return, we got two damage-based skills that can be very strong.

You have some great skills early on in both skill trees that can increase your damage: the duo of Violent Speed ​​and Violent Momentum, which starts with a snowball that increases damage based on movement speed; especially synchronization, which you definitely want to Give priority to using a good racing module to overcharge skills.

After that, you can advance the duplicate proxy tree by maximizing Donnybrook. Your goal is to reach Supersonic Man, Trick of the Light as fast as possible, and finally to the double capstone cap because when you follow this route, your damage is far ahead of the curve.

Back to the killer skill tree, you’ll want to choose drone delivery and death follow-off shutdown (which are both indirect methods to further increase your damage potential), and then place your final ones. score playing dirty to get extra Earnings ejection opportunities.

All of this will unlock some great skill enhancements for your action skills: Boomsday and Allmighty Ordnance are obvious options to increase SNTNL damage to an amazing level, and for Digi-Clone, I choose defense and an offensive increase. Schadenfreude is a beautiful word that will make me smile every time I hear it. This is a great option to improve your viability; but the real star of the show is Doppelbanger, if you detonate your clone shortly after summoning it, It will cause totally mad damage.

 Borderlands 3 Zane build guide
Borderlands 3 Zane build guide

Barrier, Digi-Clone, Tanky (Borderlands 3 Zane build)

  • Borderlands 3 Zane build planner link: Barrier & Digi-Clone
  • Primary Skill Tree: Under Cover
  • Build Focus: Very High Survivability
  • Best Skills for Class Mods: Hearty Stock (Highly Recommended), Adrenaline, Synchronicity, Borrowed Time

If you prefer a type of tank that Borderlands 3 best Zane build that you think you won’t be harmed like in Borderlands 3, then this is the build for you. A large investment in Under Cover will ensure that you get almost anything the enemy throws at you (especially useful for some boss battles), and our remaining skills will be used to duplicate the agent tree to maintain our potential harm.

Even if it’s a tank build, I think the damage is your priority in the early levels, so you should probably still start by picking a good 3-5 sync. But after that, you should go back to Under Cover and create Hearty Stock and Adrenaline (preparation is also useful, but you can pick it up later).

The Confidence Tree is located in the center of the UnderCover tree, similar to the tree’s mini capstone because it is only useful from a single designated point, so you should go straight to it and try to reach it at level 18.

After that, your wish is usually to go straight among the green trees and invest in the Best Served Cold and Calm, Cool, Collected (both will give you some lovely Cryo-based CC and equipment), and finally Distributed the Denial Capstone.

At the same time, you should pick up All-Rounder enhancements to make your Barrier a dome; and Nanites or Some Shite, we appreciate them for greatly reducing the shield charge delay (combined with your The mark on meaningful action which means you rebuild the shield at an absurd rate).

When it’s all done, it’s time to return to Agent Double to support your damage. Both Fractal Frags and Duct Tape Mod are great because essentially they will only give you one reason to use the grenade mod slot; and Quick Breather again acts as a different mini top, by starting to charge immediately once you switch with the clone, and further Enhance your shield game.

Ultimately, the skill enhancements you’d expect to get for the Digi-Clone are happiness (for obvious reasons) and the binary system, which again brings us some super low-temperature damage — never a bad thing.

Right now, usually, nothing in the game can bring you down. Throw away your two action skills as much as possible, and enjoy watching your shield typically not fall below 50%.

Barrier, SNTNL, Versatile (Borderlands 3 Zane build)

  • Borderlands 3 Zane build planner link: Barrier & SNTNL
  • Primary Skill Tree: Hitman
  • Build Focus: Versatility, Balance Between Damage & Survivability
  • Best Skills for Class Mods: Violent Speed, Violent Momentum, Violent Violence, Synchronicity, Adrenaline, Hearty Stock

So far we have two versions, covering the two ends between high damage and high survival. However, if you are looking for a more flexible and versatile build, then this build is almost entirely in the middle of the range.

Combining killers and undercover skill trees may be the most unusual combination we’ve seen so far, but you’ll know that it will allow Zane to have a large number of agents per battle, avoiding danger. , and use his high bullet hits. And many killing skills cause chaos.

borderlands 3 best zane build
borderlands 3 best zane build

But before that, guess what! We invest in Synchronicity. This is how we lower the double agent tree, but when you use two action skills like Zane, excessive gun damage is very useful (you should always do this — who needs a grenade?).

After that, I tend to build Under Cover and our level of stickiness before heading into the killer skill tree. So it means first getting rich stocks, adrenaline, a tough upper lip, and the ability to be confident. The four skills together have a very good level of synergy-high shield and damage resistance (adhesion), followed by higher gun damage, accuracy, and cooling speed of the action skill (damage).

You can also unlock two barrier enhancements of your choice by doing so: the Mighty (we like the dome) and Nanites or Some Shite (better shields, survive!). But now comes the interesting part. From now on, we will assign each point to “Killer”. Of course, we’ll start with the powerful combination of Violent Speed ​​and Violent Moment — here we’ll see why a dome barrier is useful: more space to maintain high mobility while still being protected.

After that, except for Cool Hand (we don’t have to reload speed) and Cold Bore (weapon exchange speed is the same as above), we maximize each skill tree. Violent Violence and Playing Dirty are great options for injury handling skills.

When you get to the top of Seein ‘Red, when you use action skills, you benefit immediately from it at the beginning of each battle. As you use each new skill point assigned by this version, Zane will become stronger while remaining versatile and flexible enough to suit almost any style of game.

Okay, this might be a good place to stop reading our guide to building Borderlands 3 Zane right now. I hope you’ve found one or two builds that fit the way you want to play Operative — if not, why not use one of the ones mentioned above as a template to build your own?

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